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  • Some like it hot

    Some ones like it hot
    Give it a try, give it a shot
    New experiences on your lips
    Give it a bite to make new trips.

    Give it a chance, it’s just a test,
    Life never worth without a new taste
    Life without spice is a rainbow without colours
    It can burn a little to discover new flavours.

    Hot shots can sting you like a bee
    Taste, try and die, that’s how it could be
    But more sad it is not to do a try
    Taste of life is not flat and dry.

    Every day as its chillies and tabasco
    With curry and pepper be sure to go
    In every countries of your mindset
    Get it spicy from sunrise to sunset.

    Some ones like it hot and spicy
    Because life is not white and icy
    Let’s burn it up in our soul and your body
    Day after day cook your Biryani Hyderabady.

  • allá

    allá atrás
    en la puerta del patio
    junto a las matas de mamá
    en las noches
    de luna llena y
    estrellas titilantes

    allá atrás
    en las noches
    obscuras y frías
    sentado en el piso
    mis pensamientos parecen
    ordenarse mientras
    recuerdo el pasado y
    maldigo el futuro
    que incierto es fulminante

    allá atrás
    junto al banquillo de papá
    toco mi alma
    palpo mi corazón
    busco entre mí
    busco algún recuerdo tuyo
    algún recuerdo nuestro

    allá atrás
    te espero cada noche
    cada madrugada
    mientras la luna
    doliente y testigo de mis sueños
    me consuela

    allá atrás
    cuando te recuerdo
    es que realmente

    *_krthr /*


    I was sitting alone,
    At the doorstep,
    Of our study room.
    Mood was off,lingering something;
    Of the past.
    Cold wind touched my toes.
    Droplets hitting on the roof.
    Thinking how to get rid of my mood.

    Few moments later,
    She came to me.
    Took water in her hands,
    Splashed!on my face.
    I remained the same.
    She repeated again.
    This time I splashed back on.
    Smiled and threw again.
    We continued to play.

    Actually I forgot my mood.
    A few droplets of rain changed it,
    She did that.
    I was happy and forgot everything,
    For the moment then.
    We didn't stop playing.

    Oh! She slipped and fell down.
    I lift her up.
    She smiled and went away.
    That moment my heart beat fastest ever.
    I didn't know why.
    Later I discovered;
    It was a thing called 'love' i felt. 
    So I am in love.
    But i never thought;
    Love was so easy to fell.

    From that night onwards,
    I can't her look her eye to eye.
    In her world I am different person.
    And a different relation.
    Before or after she made it,
    I know nil.
    So I think,I should keep it off.
    Because if I say it to her;
    I might be wrong.
    Moreover,one of my friends;
    Is in relation with her.
    I didn't want to create the chaos.

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  • Allí

    Cuando las estrellas vengan con la Luna
    – corriendo – para verte dormir,
    allí estaré yo,
    buscando una improbable oportunidad
    de cruzarme en alguno de tus sueños,
    para así recordarte
    – y ojalá tu puedas recordarme-.

    _krthr /

  • The other circle of life

    People come and go
    But some are really special
    The show must go on?

  • Tie

    tie this dry grass round your finger
    and fasten it with a knot from your teeth

    you’ll remember the taste from the wildfire haze
    last summer

  • Difficile

    Difficile d’avoir foi en l’humanité
    Quand on n’en montre que son atrocité
    Y a que le sang le fric et le cul qu’on droit de cité
    Plutôt que de refaire le monde on devrait le réinventer.

    Mais à quoi bon jouer les démiurges
    Dans ce monde où tout crève où tout urge
    L’actualité n’est qu’une vaste purge
    Où les hémorragies renaissent chaque fois qu’on s’insurge.

    Indignez vous r-indignez vous qu’ils disaient
    Mais c’est difficile de jouer aux échecs lorsqu’on est un pion parmi sept milliards d’autres
    Difficile de changer les règles dans un monde où les jeux sont faits (et où rien ne va plus ça va de soi)

    Difficile aussi de trouver le bonheur
    Lorsque chaque écran est teinté par la terreur
    On ne peut échapper à ce bourdonnement des douleurs
    Mais on peut déjà commencer par cesser d’avoir peur.

  • What You Feel Like When You Hear a Car Alarm Going Off in the Morning

    I woke up listening to the routine
    smelled khaki and adequacy in the stumblings

    what’s the most pleasant number you can think of
    who do you want to beat at their own game

    what is the fuel that makes you move
    and if you move do you pay attention
    to all the words you sing

    or do you simply go with the song, because you know
    it’s moderately paced and clearly a classic?

    I want to go to sleep but I’m so damn tired.

  • Salman

    I started backwards. Walking backwards. The opposite way in a one way. It looks like I’m facing forward, as I slow the herd. They rush pass me.

  • Smells Like Fish

    Being naive allows you to think
    people won’t understand what you say
    when there is nothing to comprehend
    accept your fate is flawed
    and then let go as magic pours from your every action and thought.

    If you have the courage
    aim to make
    tremendous errors
    you will be rewarded with
    effortless creativity.

    I’m obnoxiously happy
    laying on the palisade
    glinting and smirking at the passers by
    I let go of every desire I’ve ever felt
    a pile of gold grows below.

  • Music Stations Always Play the Same Songs

    Mages, monks and particularly important people
    seem to think wisdom is found in mundane things

    like watching the wind move through a flower or
    in between the mumbling words of a baby

    I’m not going to tell you where it actually comes from.

  • The Hook Brings You Back

    Pardon the expression
    but when I’m tired my brow
    furrows into that shape

    I’m not at all concerned about what you are thinking
    thanks to my subtle inability to relate

    If you have something to say
    say it with conviction.

  • Ode to a white linen shirt

    An endless effort
    Reduce, consolidate, and simplify
    Remove all adornments
    Scorn embellishment
    Abhor ornament

    Stare into the abyss
    and the abyss may irreversibly warp
    your wardrobe

  • Antelope is the word that came to mind

    Keith was laughing as I was dancing in front of the camera
    I was pretending to be having fun
    but I was struggling to understand my body
    as I have every single living moment since that day ten years ago

    that requires further explanation

    words strung together built to influence, convince, and explain
    rarely do that
    for how I feel
    and I don’t think I have something special inside

    instead I have an antennae that is tuned into an usual frequency
    one that I can’t decipher, make sense of, or even communicate properly
    when I put all my effort into it’s description.

    the point being, when I was dancing there
    Keith didn’t know what I was thinking
    and neither did I.

  • Untitled

    corn roasting on Boulevard St. Denis
    the way their hands turn in the heat and the less experienced
    a man I think is writing in a cafe is really playing the every 5
    minute lotto game
    the TV is an automatic look at me machine
    you have smoke in your hair
    you have day on you
    you have night and the grass of looking up at the stars
    above you
    tell me about fires
    tell me about escape ladders
    tell me in my arms for the warmth
    with the window open
    on our view
    and let me tell you about my day

  • The Closing of Fannie Mae

    I’ve made a few mistakes
    one of them was suggesting
    that getting high on St. Johns Wart
    was going to be a fun time

    I remember beating a bongo drum
    and expecting it to be great
    but hyper aware at how broken and bad
    the moment was

    sitting outside Caribou Coffee.

    When I was 21 I read Lila by Robert M. Pirsig
    and learned about peyote
    but I’ve always been too scared
    to dabble in psychedelics.

    The weird I know
    is distorting perception
    right in the middle of the most normal times
    you can possibly imagine

    I feel like that is
    true beauty.

  • A Time for Inconvenience

    A time for inconvenience.
    Can we push the meeting to 9?

    Walking the line,
    I open the door.
    Hey, can I ask a question?
    Do you have a minute to spare?
    A time for inconvenience.

    I have to pee.
    I don’t care.
    Seriously, I had two Red Bull.
    Its cool, I’ll post up here.
    Don’t rush on account of me.

    A time for inconvenience.

  • phenulethylamine

    come, you chary whore!
    choose and choose and choose
    to guzzle our pupils.

    saunter our edges
    that sever plum privilege
    from fault.

    swing the pearls
    we wring as we unwrit
    hidden sin.

    shimmy down the drapes
    shaped to veil our
    bare boner.

    or don’t.

    wake up, you noble slut!
    it’s your eyes that make matters
    awe open.

  • a rudimentary recollection of the fall of rome

    oh perpetuo,
    climb these granite
    hips and lips and eyes and thighs:
    speak! dance for me!

    erelong we’ll make envy
    of hungry flunkies
    fetishizing glossy
    tabloid prehistory.

    and when we do us part
    woe will own moments,
    but future wits decide what’s past
    so stay cool, man.

  • You … I

    I am 5.
    You’re 7.
    We’re 78,125.

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